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Key Personnel

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Charles Stewart

Director of Clinical Education

Position Overview:

Mr. Stewart serves as the Director of Education/CQI for NEMS. His duties include the oversight of all certification and educations processes, as well as ensuring the clinical abilities of all employees meet and exceed national standards.  He provides oversight to NEMS/ CQI processes to identify opportunities to enhance clinical performance.


Mr. Stewart is a Paramedic and has been in EMS full-time since 1990. He has been with NEMS since opening in April 1992 and has provided education and QA management since 2002.

Training and Education:

Paramedic Program U of A 1991; BLS Instructor; ACLS Instructor; PALS Instructor; GEMS Instructor; AL EVOC Instructor; EMS Instructor; Regional EMD Instructor (Priority Dispatch)



NorthStar EMS (NEMS) began operations in 1992 with the premise of providing “Excellence in Prehospital Medicine.”  NEMS’s Education and CQI Department ascribes to this philosophy and is committed to promoting a culture where clinical excellence is expected of all our Team Members.  Our ultimate goal is to develop a team of clinicians that are recognized as the premier prehospital providers in our state. 


The goal of NorthStar EMS’ Education/CQI Department is to develop processes to monitor the effectiveness of our clinical care and to develop programs that challenge prehospital care providers to improve their knowledge, practical skills and abilities in providing patient care.  This is accomplished by meeting the following objectives.


  • Identify CQI issues that affect NEMS’ overall success/failure.  Identified issues will become our clinical strategic indicators that will be monitored on a monthly basis (KPIs).

  • The Education/CQI Department will measure/monitor actual performance as compared to expected monthly results.

  • Negative clinical KPI results will be reviewed to determine specific root causes.

  • Action plans will be developed that identify the specific problem and root causes.  Steps to correct these root causes will be developed and assigned to key personnel to ensure the plan is implemented.  Success of the plan will be assessed with ongoing clinical KPI reporting.

  • Foster a culture of clinical excellence.

  • Develop a CQI committee.

  • Provide clinical educational to meet company goals for orientation, EMS certifications and annual training requirements.  This is accomplished by provided monthly in-house and on-line training opportunities for our Team Members.

  • Perform an annual review of Education/CQI policies and procedures.

  • Work with local, partner EMS agencies to engage them into the CQI process.

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