Tony Smelley


Edgar Calloway

Director of Operations

Brent Dierking

Director of Business Development & Strategic Planning

Rich Schreiber

Director of Communications

Lisa Lawrence

Director of Human Resorces

Tinia McLaughlin

Director of Buisness Services

Charles Stewart

Director of Clinical Education

John Godwin

Director of Information Technology

Chuck Carlisle

Director of Finance

Curtis Swindle

Director of Safety & Risk Management

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Executive Summary

NorthStar EMS’ mission is “to provide personalized and professional service to our community.”  Our Mission Statement and Core Values serve as our compass, ensuring that the sizable business of ambulance service and related care is delivered on a human scale — one person to another, with compassion and respect. We have aligned all aspects of our business and quality management processes to ensure our Team Members have the tools necessary to succeed in their respective roles and then we hold each person accountable for his or her part of the mission and plan. NEMS’ culture encourages frequent dialog between management and Team Members to achieve our mission, promote our values, celebrate our successes, and to learn and grow from our experiences.


Although we are proud of our regional presence, our core philosophy centers on responding to local needs through long, customer-centered relationships within each community.  We leverage our regional strengths to enhance service and increase clinical sophistication at the local level, again focusing on our local customers and local caregivers.

It is imperative that we work with our partners to ensure that we are moving patients with the “Right Resource,” at the “Right Time” to the “Right Place.” 

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